Monday, September 1, 2014

The wish :-)

Ok, the summer holiday ends today definitely. This summer passed sooooooo quickly. My little girl is schoolgirl now and I was moved and happy, when I was seeing her sitting at school desk! She looked sooo happy there! We enjoyed wonderful day together :-)

I wish you and your miracles succesfull new school year  :-)!

Crochet heart pattern

And what was your first school day? Did you enjoyed it? Except these pleasant mommy's duties I worked also. I am working on autumn collection very intensively and after long time, I took the needles in my hands and tested new material. I am very satisfied with this new material and I am really impatient to tell you all about it :-) Until then just one easy and quick project, which I really like - crocheted heart :-) Especially this one I made for my dear friend Petra :-) I wrote the pattern of this heart also, you could find it here.

I wish you wonderful week!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Crochet Lounge giveaway

Hi my dears,
today only quick post. I just would like to share with you one big giveaway. Magic with hook and needles is a little part of it too:-) So if you would, you could join and win some pretty patterns maybe :-)

You could find the giveaway here

crochet lounge giveaway

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ready to scholl

Hi my dears,
only two weeks left and my baby girl will be schoolgirl! OMG! I really don't know, when it happened. It was like a yesterday, when she was born. She was so tiny, so incredibly fragile - little miracle and now - she is my little lady :-).

VendulkaM life
Our Natalka first day in home 2007

She is a little bit nervous of first day in school, so I would like to make it easier. And I made for her the candy cone - colorful and funny with flowers and buttons and I hope, that she don't feel lonely and when she look on it, she will know, that her mommy is still with her!

If you would like to make candy cone for your little pupil - the pattern is ready
It is very easy and quick project!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mad about the buttons bag

Hi my dears,
I know, I am quite quiet a long time again... but I was busy like a bee ...

Do you know what? I am happy today :-) 

And do you know why? ...
Because I finally finished the pattern of Mad about the buttons bag - tralalalala :-) I made some changes of previous design from 2013. I made it easier and I like this version very much. The pattern iiiiiiiiis ready :-) .... 

Crochet buttons bag pattern

I just want to dance and sign  :-)

Crochet buttons bag pattern

Here you could find the Mad about the buttons bag pattern :-)

Crochet buttons bag pattern

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Also the princess needs the purse :-)

Once upon a time ... 

Crochet princess purse pattern

Crochet princess purse pattern

If you would like to make the purse or the applique for your princess. The patterns are tested and ready in my patterns store.

Crochet princess purse pattern

Crochet princess pattern

Some nice music for today:-)

I wish you nice day!